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Floor and Drain Cleaning

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Backed by Science

Our approach centers on a deep understanding of pest biology and the latest industry research. The more we know about pest biology, the better we’re able to control them.

A professional cleaning solution.

Using naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes that safely dissolve greasy buildup in pipes, cracks, and crevices, Djibouti Fumigation Actizyme® Floor and Drain Cleaner’s “deep clean” is scientifically formulated to help control odors and remove drain grime.


    Djibouti Fumigation has a history of proven solutions in the foodservice industry. Your Commercial Pest Specialist will create a pest management program with just the right “ingredients” to help protect your establishment.

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The Djibouti Fumigation Actizyme® System

After a comprehensive inspection of your facility, we can recommend the best way to incorporate Djibouti Fumigation Actizyme® into your existing sanitation program. We provide three options, each designed to provide you with the right solution to fit your needs.

1. Mix Djibouti Fumigation Actizyme® Floor and Drain Cleaner with water for all-purpose cleaning of floors, drains and the underside of equipment.

2. Apply full-strength Djibouti Fumigation Actizyme® directly on grimy buildup on floors or the underside of equipment and in drains for the toughest residue.

3. Install an automatic wall dispenser that will mix the correct amount of solution for you, as well as auto-dispense directly into drains, pipes or any other location.